Integeo provides browser based applications and web map services for accessing a range of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census demographic data.  The service is provided as fully OGC compliant WMS and GetFeature info requests augmented with a range of chart and data popup services.


Some key features of the service 

  • Themed layers available at all geographic levels supported by ABS Census data
  • Different chart types available on the supported Region levels
  • Pop-ups configured to suit the different levels and data context
  • Comprehensive coverage of Australia for all ABS supported geographic levels


Slideshow: Click image to view a larger version.


The screenshots in the slideshow above are available for download as a PDF:


The service can be accessed in Integeo's range of standard Map Intelligence Viewers, all based on Open Layers and using different background tiled map services.  Since the service is being delivered in the Map Intelligence Viewer this means that you can readily map your data over this information by using one of the Integeo range of Map intelligence products such as MI Excel or Mi Express or any of our supported Business Intelligence tools, bringing both your data and the ABS data to life.  An example of this can be seen in the following slideshow where the customer data was mapped using MI Excel.  The service can also be used in a range of OGC compliant map viewers, including desktop mapping tools such as ArcGIS Desktop and MapInfo Professional.


Slideshow: Click image to view a larger version.


The screenshots in the slideshow above are available for download as a PDF:


CENSUS 2011 - Sydney Maps

Download a pdf presentation of maps highlighting general income, mortgage, rent and SEIFA information for CENSUS 2011 respondents.


Some other functions

If you would like a particular area of focus tailored to suit your needs contact us to have a customised service provided

  • Overlay your own data either through your own GIS or through use of Integeo hosted services from Excel or other supported Map Intelligence clients
  • Areas of application such as Market Coverage, Store Analysis and Education Services  
  • Custom support services available on request 



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