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qlikview 02Map Intelligence helps realize the QlikView vision of better business insights and enabling rapid decisions. The visualization of the data’s location context enables superior and more agile decision making by domain experts.

QlikView provides users access to visually rich, interactive dashboards that can be built quickly and modified. Users can engage their data with speed, resulting in more informed, proactive decisions.

Integeo complements and adds the location dimension to QlikView business intelligence by providing a dynamic, browser-based map visualization – without programming.

QlikView customers have their data relationships overlaid on maps from any map provider without the need for any programming skills. Roll-out map visualizations within the QlikView Business Intelligence faster - with Integeo's Map Intelligence.



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Map Intelligence is integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS Server , Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum Spatial and GeoServer. Map Intelligence uses OGC formats to link with any OGC compliant map server such as Pitney Bowes' Spectrum Spatial or GE's SmallWorld. Google Earth can be used for powerful 3D visualizations and Google Maps as a web-service to display images and data sourced from Google.  Bing Maps, Mapbox or Open Street Maps can be used as tiled map services.

In all BI environments Map Intelligence comes with functions such as ‘on the fly’ geo-coding of address data, reverse geo-code lookups, OGC features such as WMS GetFeature and WFS requests using the underlying OGC compliant server, and the ability to utilize custom web-services such as Drive Time analysis. For more detail on Map Intelligence functions see the MI Details section of the website.

For demos of Map Intelligence see the online demonstrations section of this website.

Please contact us at info@integeo.com  to discuss your location analysis requirements or directly contact one of our regional offices.


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