Map Intelligence Future ProofingChange is constant and inevitable in both technology and business needs. Our long term product focus involves ensuring the best possible long term return on investment for our customers. Future proofing is not an exact science but the following items give an overview of our methods.


Independent of Data Reporting and Analysis Software

Map Intelligence works with all the major BI vendors such as IBM (Cognos), SAP (Business Objects), MicroStrategy, Microsoft Reporting Services and Excel, Qlik Sense, Actuate and BIRT (open source).

If your software application or BI environment is not in our current range of turnkey products then we offer our Client toolkit (CIK) to integrate Map Intelligence with third-party software. The CIK developer has total control of how tightly the Map Intelligence Client is integrated.

Our latest Map Intelligence product, Mi Express has the full power of Map Intelligence but operates independently without any BI tool being required. 

Independent of the Source Maps

Map Intelligence is not tied to any mapping product or provider.

Map Intelligence works with all the major GIS vendors such as Esri and Pitney Bowes MapInfo, Open Street Maps and OGC compliant map servers such as GE SmallWorld, the open source GeoServer, and also tiled map providers such as Mapbox, Microsoft Bing and Google Maps.

Google Account holders can utilise Google Maps as a web-service within the MI Viewer. The MI Viewer can be exported and synchronized with Google Earth.

Map Intelligence is standards based. For example, map layers generated by Map Intelligence can be output as WMS and consumed by any OGC compliant spatial interface. This is supported by a REST-ful API interface to the Map Intelligence functions.

Independent of computer operating system and end-device

Map Intelligence is a web application powered by a back-end system running on any operating system such as Windows and Unix (including Linux). At the edge of the network, Map Intelligence can be accessed on end-user devices such as netbooks, Android powered phones or Apple iPads.


Map Intelligence is designed to be extensible - enabling us to quickly add new functionality to the product as and when necessary.  Map Intelligence also has a common application programming interface (see the CIK) to integrate Map Intelligence with any BI tool or third party software. This is a proven and fast method of integrating MI with new software applications.

Next Generation (MING)

Users have always resisted reading manuals. They demand intuitive interfaces that are similar to their accustomed experience on the Internet.

Map Intelligence Next Generation (MING) is a collaborative enabler that hides the complicated back end MI Server running on either our or somebody else’s machinery. It’s convenient for 3rd party developers to leverage benefit from our work and Integeo benefits from increased usage of it’s core IP.

Features For end users

  • faster response times
  • choice of MI Viewer (extensible choice – not restricted to Integeo user interface)
  • new alternative MI Viewer – familiar “web” usage

For 3rd party developers (also see the CIK)

  • allows mix and match of MI components in custom integrations
  • can fit MI to the target appliance – eg: phone, tablet, PC
  • not restrained to implementing the integration using Java


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