This set of features distinguishes Map Intelligence as unique amongst Location Intelligence product.

Independent of Business Intelligence product

Map Intelligence has 'out of the box' product options which are immediately usable for all the leading BI tools.  Should your reporting or BI tool not be already catered for then the MI Client Integration Kit can fill the gap. For details please browse our Business Intelligence section of this website.

Independent of mapping tool

Map Intelligence has 'out of the box' product options which are immediately usable for all the leading GIS and map providers.  For details please browse our Mapping section of this website.

No programming skills required

Map Intelligence extends the "no programming" paradigm into mapping and merges location and spatial analytics into enterprise decision support and Business Intelligence applications.

Map Intelligence reduces the time needed to develop the applications from weeks and months to days and hours. In many cases organizations have given up before solving the technical challenges that Map Intelligence solves.

Map Intelligence comes 'out of the box' with an extensible, easy to use palette of spatial analytical functions otherwise referred to as visualizations.  These enable clear and immediate perception of data relationships, groupings, classifications, patterns, trends and variations that stand out when mapped.

Customisable user interface

Map Intelligence offers an extensible choice of user interfaces and is not restricted to the current “out of the box” Integeo interfaces. The Map Intelligence Open Layers interface can be readily customised and integrated with a range of spatial data sources and features.

Publish map sessions for users without access to Business Intelligence

Map Intelligence for Excel can publish instances of data and map views that when subsequently viewed have the complete suite of Map Intelligence available for further analysis.  The Map Intelligence auto-pilot feature can also be used to set specific behaviour as the user zooms in and out. 

Mi Express can publish your Mi Express dashboard to a website or be emailed as a web-link to be dynamically shared with colleagues who have appropriate access permissions.

Merge business data with external data via web services

The Map Intelligence Open Layers interface enables users to easily work with the wide range of public and private spatial data sources and features such as demographics, census, health, insurance or meteorological imagery.

Generates dynamic layers from the “facts and dimensions” in the report

Map Intelligence dynamically displays data-views on maps according to the user selected visualisation. The data-views may include derived (calculated) data, data and images dynamically retrieved via web-services. Remote data functions such as geo-coding may be performed on the fly and the point locations displayed on the map.

Geographical drill up or down into your data

Map Intelligence offers a 'round-trip' capability whereby data is 'filtered' using BI tool mechanisms (eg: attribute values) and the resulting data view is displayed on the map using the selected visualisation function.  There are then different methods of selection (filtering) of data on the map (eg: data falling within an area) which can then applied back into the BI environment.  Map Intelligence also includes a built-in search capability to search for locations and to search data in the BI layers of the map.


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