The future of data is a lot more data. As the number of location aware devices such as mobile phones, tablets and various sensors increase, the amount of location related data for analysis almost mandates geographic visualization as part of business analytics.

Complex data is often poorly represented when only expressed in charts or tables. People need to see data in a form that allows rapid understanding of relationships and findings that are not readily evident in the raw data.

Geography has always been important to government and the military. Addresses have always been important in business whether for customers, assets, suppliers or employees. Visualizing the data location context on maps assists superior and more agile decision making by domain experts.

Integeo’s Map Intelligence enables the transformation of large amounts of data into colour-coded visual representations (layers) to make it much easier spotting trends and data relationships and generating meaningful intelligence. There’s a lot more than just showing points on a map – or conversely, showing where there’s no data.


Map Layers

Maps are created and built up as layers. Some layers reside as part of the background mapping environment. These layers are typically more static in nature and may include geographical features such as countries, states, cities, streets and parks. Other layers may come from a variety of data sources showing such items as customer or shop locations, postal districts, radio towers, pipelines, powerlines and so on. Layers can include any geographic region that the licensee can define such as sales territories or local government areas.


Map IntelligenceAdding The Location Dimension to your Data

Map Intelligence generates data visualization layers which can quickly be hidden or revealed at different map scales when individual points can be replaced by shapes as users zoom in or out, streets can be replaced by localities, and so on. Layers can be shown or hidden as required. For example, a crimes layer can be displayed alongside a house mean price layer, or the current quarter’s sales layer can be displayed and the layer for last quarter hidden.

Our Location Intelligence products are designed to be simple to use without any sacrifice in utility or power. We enable superior and more agile decision making by domain experts without the need for programming skills. Our simple to use product hides the inherent complexity of the underlying technologies. Map Intelligence gives analysts and BI report authors an unsurpassed palette of location functions integrated into their Business Intelligence environments. Consumers of reports enriched with visualizations over maps are better able to quickly gain the knowledge implicit in the data while diving into the details.

Map Intelligence can leverage a variety of data sources whereby your in-house data is quickly, easily and dynamically augmented from a vast range of online sources of geographical and satellite imagery, statistical and business information such as census and demographics, health data, climatic, hydrological and geological data.


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