Integeo Map Intelligence

This software allows organisations to develop Web-based geospatial applications. Target users are organisations which rely on location information to make decisions, such as real estate firms, retailers, fisheries, defence, police and family agencies. Read More

Map Intelligence hits spot for ESRI customers in Spain

Integeo today announced that only three months after launch, Integeo Iberia has been named partner of the quarter by leading mapping vendor ESRI. Read More

Picture worth 1000 spreadsheets

Karen Dearne reports. A Surveyor by trade, Gary Nairn is pushing the use of geospatial information systems to improve public-sector planning and decision-making. Read More

Integeo Arms Recruiters with GIS

It's no secret that the United States Army is struggling with recruitment. Protracted involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq has spread our all-volunteer military thin, and US Army Recruiting (USAR) is responsible for supplementing our existing forces with 80,000 new soldiers annually. Read More

Performance Management with Spatial Analysis

Andy Meehan: In this two part article, I will examine why spatial analysis provides a valuable capability to traditional Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Read Part 1
Read Part 2


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