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Integrating Geography for Business and Government M2M 10

Location For Data Analytics and Reporting

Integeo's Map Intelligence:

  • One Location Intelligence platform for all BI and mapping combinations
  • Out of the box, deeply integrated versions for all environments
  • No programming skills required for immediate results
  • Focus on your data not technology - fast, iterative analysis and reporting
  • A rich suite of geo-analytic functions - easily augmented with web services
  • An extensible, evolving and future proofed product


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Pitney Bowes Webinar

"Why Business Intelligence is Embracing Location Intelligence"

Date: Tuesday, May 10 2016, Time: 2.00 pm - Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT -04:00)

Duration: 1 hour -  Register

Panelists Information:

Lynda Brendish, Researcher and Writer, Forbes Insights; Joe Francica, Managing Director, Geospatial Industry Solutions; Samantha Patel, Director Global Content and Client Reference Marketing, Pitney Bowes.

Webinar Description:

With the accelerating growth of mobile technology plus data from myriad sensors, location-based information is ubiquitous. It’s commonly estimated that 80% of all business data contains a location component. Yet business intelligence platforms typically miss an important dimension of data analysis: location.

Location intelligence and new mapping visualization tools provide a unique perspective on proximity relationships missing from the standard views business intelligence platforms commonly offer. More than ever before, organizations need to derive meaningful insight from geospatial data relationships to solve complex business problems.

Join us for this webinar for insights into:

1. How our consumer mobile behavior contributes to the plethora of location-based data
2. Creating a competitive advantage using location as a key differentiator
3. Transforming visual maps into advanced spatial analysis
4. Technology solutions available to maximize your business intelligence


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